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موکاپ (MockUp) Packaging Mockup Bundle به پیش‌نمایش گرافیکی و سه‌بعدی طرح‌ برای جلوه بصری زیباتر و گیرایی هرچه بیشتر گفته می‌شود.
با استفاده از این موکاپ میتوانید طرح های پوستر ، تراکت و تقویم خود را با نمای زیبا و بصورت طرح طبیعی قبل از چاپ به مشتری ارائه دهید؛
این طرح موکاپ مناسب طراحان عزیز، کانون های آگهی و تبلیغات، مدیران کانالها و… جهت پیش نمایش طرح خود می باشد.
آموزش استفاده از موکاپ‌های سایت گرافیک طرح:

۱) فایل psd موجود را با برنامه فتوشاپ نسخه‌های CS5 به بالا باز کنید.
۲) بر روی لایه مشخص و اصلی موکاپ (لایه ای با نام : طرح شما ) دابل کلیک کنید تا وارد صفحه جدید شوید.
۳) در صفحه جدید عکس طراحی شده خود را وارد کرده و سپس صفحه را ذخیره کرده (Ctrl+S) و آنرا ببندید.
۴) پس از اینکار به صورت خودکار طرح شما به صورت سه‌بعدی بر روی موکاپ مونتاژ خواهد شد.
۵) حالا می‌توانید نتیجه را به صورت یک فایل خروجی ذخیره نموده و از آن استفاده نمائید.
خلاق – creatsy” مرجع تخصصی طرح های لایه باز با کیفیت

BABY LOOKBOOK CREATOR BUNDLE MOCK-UPS with free demo (link in description below) Create baby apparel set compositions or use included ones. ۵۰ Amazing Full Editable Mock-ups | +69 Accessories | Premium Quality | Free Updates for Live Only $29 for ALL included mock-ups, elements & ready to use scenes instead of $395). It means over 90% OFF!
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Are you curious about how it works? Download our free demo here:

We’ve released 2nd edition this BESTSELLER baby mockups bundle. Try also ‘Baby Bundle Lookbook Creator 2’ here: Enjoy!

Baby Apparel Creator Bestseller Bundle Create own baby lookbook using awesome full-editable mockups with accessories and special features . Enjoy endless possibilities, mix and match tall elements as you wish and design them according to your needs. The bundle is 50 detailed Mock-ups, over 15 background types and more than isolated 69 items with shadows.
In the package you will find 10x psd files with ready to work elements, 7 premade scenes and guide in pdf.

What’s included in the Creator Bundle? Fully Editable Baby Apparel Mock-ups

  • Tops – classic t-shirts, henley and longsleeve shirts, sweater, polo, raincoat, …
  • Bottoms – chinos, leggings, pants, trousers, bloomers, skirt, tights, pants, …
  • Dresses – with sleeves, tank top, high and low waisted, …
  • Bodysuits – long- and shortsleeves onesies, growsuits, romper, overall, dunagrees, …
  • Accessories – baby cap, beanie, socks, headbands, scarf, bag, top knot hat, … + Accessories Bring life in to your projects and complete your own composition with acessories. Add pennalts, shoes , bags not editable clothes, ..

+ Features Let’s finish your composition with special features like florals, leaves, shells or confetti. Mix and match them for great results.

+ Sketches (Doodles) In the package you find also many doodle sketches.
It can be another great way for product complement and presentation.

+Background You are provided with 15 different background types for work. Choose betwen: watercolor, colorful paper and rough/ texture. You can also stay with your own color or gradient.

+ Premade Scenes Ready to use! With ‘Baby Lookbook Creator Bundle’ You can work in 2 ways. You can edit our ready-to-use compositions (pre-made scenes below) … or create own scenes from the scratch using provided elements.

All Mock-ups Fully customized With White Mocca mock-ups you can truly enjoy countless possibilities. All elements in mock-ups are separated and editable (for example sleeves, collars, necking, inside etc.). If you work on advanced, demanding designs and seek for ultra realistic effects, White Mocca will fulfill your needs. Just drag and drop – it’s really simple as that.

Let’s create billions of different designs!

The workflow Step by step Now you can work as you’ve always dreamed of. Mix & match, enjoy with all provided elements. Preparing graphics can be really pleasure now. Let’s design your own scene from the scratch, all needed elements you find in the package

۱. Create new file & set background You can use dedicated backgrounds:

  • watercolor
  • rough texture or just set solid/ gradient color. Choose any background you like and build your scene on it!

۲. Choose mock-ups & edit color/design In separated files you will find big collection of various baby apparel mockups, accessories and scene attributes. Open chosen psd file, select the appropriate folder and then drag and drop it to your file. Sounds as easy as pie? It is.

  1. Choose any apparel mock-up you like
  2. Drag&drop it into your scene 🙂
  3. Doubleclick on part you’d like to design*
  4. Drag&Drop design you like, save and close
  5. Change also color (here: tights) as you wish

۳. Add accessories & scene elements You can add more elements which fullify your scene: accessories (bags, boots, toys, etc) or scene features ( leaves, confetti, pennants, etc). Let’s explore and make composition with them all. You can move, tranasform, scale … all what you need.

Mix all accessories, scene features and even sketch elements! Each of them will incredibly improve the final result! Let’s create billions of different scenes!

Show it like A True Professional Now you can present your products the way only the best global e-stores do. Every single mock-up generator was inspired by the best-selling photos and look books online. We follow digital trends and know how online marketing works. Trust us, we’re designers too.

Your super Realistic design You always wanted to make your designs as realistic as possible. Thanks to White Mocca you can create visuals that are extremely lifelike. Our mock-ups are equipped with the advanced transformation tool (for example: puppet warp transformation). We have created them with the highest precision what provides an incredibly realistic effect on your visual. Sounds as easy as pie? It is.

Achieve Mind-blowing Quality Each well prepered scene is 2800x2000px 300dpi. The single mock-ups are even bigger 2000x2000px, you can easily zoom out and transform as you wish . We have made all files ready to be used on all kind of devices. What is more, our mock-ups work flawlessly on retina and HiDPI screens.

Extremely Beautiful color Discover the first mock-ups that helps you create a great image in bright or dark tones and incredible depth of color. You don’t need any additional clicks or switches between different color versions. It all lies in our secret blending method that works phenomenal with all colors.

Awesome E-marketing tool Start using mock-ups not only for design but also market researches, prototyping and reviewing. Now you can easily use our mock-up to check your customers’ reaction.

Always up-to-date With All Products Stay tuned with all products, offers and discounts!
Once you purchase our products, you get our all updates. Check out other products from our collection and write us a note if there’s something you can’t find here but really need. We’ll figure it out.

Grab a manual & Go for it We wanted to make our mock-ups both: beginner- and user-friendly. That’s why we have created a special guide. You will find our special guide inside your White Mocca package after purchasing chosen product. Discover our well-organized layers and how our mock-ups work all in the same way as they have the same structure. As far as you learn to use it, you won’t imagine design without White Mocca.

Need Help? See more instructions on White Mocca’s You Tube channel.
Links in descrption below.

Let’s sum up all what you get:

  • ۵۰x Amazing Full Editable Mock-ups from baby apparel collection
  • ۶۹x Accessories & Features for creating scenes
  • ۷x Premade Scenes ready to use
  • Fully customized mock-ups set with drag & drop design applying
  • Unique angles in each sets inspired by the best-selling photos and look books online
  • Great quality for high resolution final images
  • Beautiful colors by using secret blending method
  • Isolated and full editable backgrounds
  • ۱۵x Beautifull Backgrounds to prepare composition
  • Awesome e-marketing tool
  • Easy & user friendly manual for a great start
  • Always free updates ( all mock-ups)

What ’s included in the package?

  • ۱۷x PSD files (inc. 10x dedicated for Scene Creator, 7x Ready-to-use Compositions)
  • ۱x Manual in PDF

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This bundle was created from bestseller mock-ups sets from Baby Apparel Collection. All mock-ups included in the bundle are available as individuals. Their value reaches 395 dollars. By buying a bundle for $ 29 you save … Yes! over 90% … In addition, you get accessories, backgrounds and other features. All included mock-ups listed below:

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